Once in a while, a book comes along that changes how you think, feel, and act every day.

In Eat Move Sleep, #1 New York Times bestselling author Tom Rath delivers a book that will improve your health for years to come. While Tom’s bestsellers on strengths and well-being have already inspired more than 5 million people in the last decade, Eat Move Sleep reveals his greatest passion and expertise.

Quietly managing a serious illness for more than 20 years, Tom has assembled a wide range of information on the impact of eating, moving, and sleeping. Written in his classic conversational style,Eat Move Sleep features the most proven and practical ideas from his research. This remarkably quick read offers advice that is comprehensive yet simple and often counterintuitive but always credible.

Eat Move Sleep will help you make good decisions automatic — in all three of these interconnected areas. With every bite you take, you will make better choices. You will move a lot more than you do today. And you will sleep better than you have in years.

More than a book, Eat Move Sleep is a new way to live.


    Apple iTunes Best of 2013 in Nonfiction and Health

    The Globe and Mail’s Best Business Books of 2013

    Praise for Eat Move Sleep

    “a blockbuster .. transformative work ” (Daniel H. Pink) .. from “one of the greatest thinkers of his generation” (Washingtonian) .. that “will change your life” and “might even
    save it“ (Sir Ken Robinson)

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