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I wanted to wish you a happy holiday season and thank you for your interest in the Eat Move Sleep book and website. My hope with the Eat Move Sleep project was to provide a few ideas and tools to help you start a conversation with friends, colleagues, and loved ones. In the two months since the project launched, the most frequently asked questions are about ways to move more and measure your activity levels. So I decided to dedicate the December newsletter to this topic.In addition to the links in the gift guide below, here is a link to a new post where I answer a few of your questions:How to Write a Book on a Treadmill (from the eatmovesleep.org blog)

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The Eat Move Sleep Gift Guide

No Cost:

– Give yourself the gift of consistent sleep. New research shows how stable sleep times lead to better food choices.

– Walk and talk your way through the holidays. Every time you are on the phone, perhaps as you catch-up with friends and family over the holidays, challenge yourself to walk around your home, workspace, or neighborhood while you talk. Wireless and Bluetooth headsets make this remarkably easy.

– Go green out of the gates. Start each of your holiday meals by loading up on healthy green, red, and orange veggies before you move on to less healthy items. You will eat smaller quantities of the unhealthy items as a result.

Moderate Cost:

– Explore new apps on your smartphone that help you to eat, move, or sleep. Some of the most popular are Lose It!, MyFitnessPalRunKeeper, and Sleep Cycle.

– Get a basic pedometer and aim for at least 10,000 steps every day of 2014.

– Buy one of your best friends an even higher-tech activity and sleep tracker like a FitbitJawboneFuelBand, or any other device and app combo. Use the associated apps to build a leaderboard and start a little competition for 2014. If you don’t know much about fitness bands, learn more here!

Splurge on Health (remember it will pay for itself in the long-run):

– Build or buy a sit/stand desk.

– Try a pedal desk or read and work on a stationary bike.

– Go all out and buy a walking desk for your home or office.

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