Our team has good news to share: after many months of work on the Eat Move Sleep Project, we are releasing website, tools, and application today (to accompany the book launch on October 8th). Each of these elements is intended to help you improve the collective health of our society. In addition to the hardcover book, audiobook, and e-book, our team created several free resources for you to use in conjunction with the Eat Move Sleep book. Details about these resources will be provided in a future post.

For now, I want to share a brief overview of how and where you can follow, discuss, and ask questions online. Over the next few months, our team will be posting regularly on the topics of health and well-being. We will share many of the best tips from the book across various online and social media platforms. Our goal is to start a larger conversation about all the small choices we can make to have more energy in the moment and improve our health over time.

However, the most important element of this conversation starts with you. After studying the research on health and well-being for more than a decade, it is clear that an abundant supply of good ideas exists on these topics. As a society, we simply need to do a better job of sharing, organizing, and applying these ideas to create meaningful change in our lives.

In order to facilitate the sharing of ideas on leading healthier lives, we will be posting regularly on the following platforms. To join us in these discussions, use any of the following links, based on the platforms where you prefer to read and interact:

Share your best Eat Move Sleep ideas:

If you have ideas, tips, or want to write a guest blog post on eatmovesleep.org, please send us an email at ideas@eatmovesleep.org or send to @EMSbook on Twitter.

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